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 SAE Global Company Information

SAE Global is a confederation of technology solutions providers with facilities in North America and Asia.

From its beginnings as Stanford Applied Engineering in 1964, SAE has matured over 37+ years into a consortium of corporations with collective annual revenues of $100 million and manufacturing capabilities supporting the electro-mechanical hardware sector and electronic manufacturing sectors.

From Printed Circuit Board fabrication in Boulder Colorado, to Printed Circuit assembly and turnkey integration, including enclosure fabrication in Santa Clara, California.

SAE Global relies on its partners in Asia to provide percision engineered components with processes ranging from precision machining, stamping, casting and thermo forming with facilities in Hong Kong and mainland China.

SAE provides a complete beginning-to-end manufacturing solution, and supports seamless transitioning from engineering concept and design, to prototyping and pre-production, through product maturity.

We work closely with you to provide timely transitions, through our worldwide manufacturing base, for your OEM and contract requirements and look forward to providing solutions to those requirements.